Taking small steps has become a major theme in my life. Every small step we take moves us forward. And each step has the potential to catapult us into doing so much good.

For me, the small steps that I’ve been taking lately are simply sharing my story with others. That’s such a simple thing but I’ve seen so much good come from it.

I find it interesting that every time I share my story on a podcast each conversation is unique and different.

When George Lopez invited me to be a guest on his Project Life podcast, I was thrilled with the opportunity. George is a project manager by profession and his podcast is about teaching people how to understand the concepts of project management to help them make better decisions in life. One of the principles George teaches is that small things compounded becomes something big and has the potential to significantly impact your life.

His message is similar to a message I teach in my book, The Extraordinary, UnOrdinary You that small steps can lead to extraordinary moments.

This podcast conversation is unique in that I share the small steps I’ve taken in life that have helped me to accomplish big goals, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the LiveStrong Foundation.

Through my experience I have learned that when you change your mindset, you can accomplish anything.

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, here are five simple steps you can take today to help you change your mindset:

Don’t Compare

There’s no such thing as perfect. Look in the mirror every day and say something you love about yourself. You are exactly who you need to be. Work with what you’ve been given and make it great!

Prioritize Connection

The best thing you can do is communicate. Send a text, make a phone call, get outside of yourself. You are never alone, and you have a lot more in common with people around you than you think. Go out there and connect with people. This one step alone has the potential to do so much good.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. We often are the ones who sabotage our own efforts because we put it into our own head that we aren’t capable of accomplishing things. You can do anything. Believe it! And then go make it happen for yourself.

Stop Using Labels

Labels are limiting and restrictive—we are all human, that’s the only label we need. Words matter. We need to stop using our words to label ourselves and others. This just puts arbitrary limits on what we’re capable of.

Look Forward, Not Back

If we’re constantly looking back at how hard we’ve had it, we’ll fail to look forward and make a better future for ourselves. Look forward with a positive perspective at the things you can change and start making those changes. Each change you make is one more step closer to a better life.

When we recognize that our small simple steps can lead to extraordinary moments, we’ll have the simple formula to make great things happen for our own life and for the world around us.

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