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Having addressed numerous audiences of all sizes for both companies and nonprofits — including serving as keynote — get in touch to arrange for Simone Knego to bring her uplifting insights and message to your next gathering
Simone smiling for the camera. She is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and new author
Simone Knego
We All Have a Story

When I started this journey, I had no idea where my stories would take me. From learning to understand and appreciate entirely different cultures through our international adoptions to a rat totaling my minivan, I have thoroughly enjoyed the trips down memory lane that have helped me source stories and bits of wisdom to help others in their own journey. Though my kids may find my stories about their lives embarrassing, it all comes with the territory of honestly exploring motherhood, life, and a constantly-evolving purpose. My stories define me, just as your stories define you. By sharing our stories, we learn, grow, and learn to laugh at ourselves while inspiring others to do the same.

Simone’s story is compellingly inspirational and deeply moving.

Eric Fingerhut, President & CEO The Jewish Federations of North America

Simone’s ability to connect - really connect - whether you are an audience of one or thousands - is unparalleled. She is not merely willing to share her journey, but thrilled to. Simone’s passion is contagious - how often do you meet someone who inspires you, energizes you, reassures you, teaches you and challenges you.

Jenna Corman Mandel, Associate Vice President, National Women’s Philanthropy Jewish Federations of North America

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