simone knego

In a World of Chaos, Choose Kindness and Integrity

Kindness and integrity are incredibly valuable in today’s world. Too often, there are people who focus so much on what they want that they are sometimes willing to let their kindness and integrity slip in order to get it. We see it in the media, in Hollywood, in politics, in business, and even in our […]

Kindness Matters Now More Than Ever

No matter who you are or what you do, your kindness matters. When I see good people doing kind things, it reminds me that there’s still good in the world. One small act of kindness can make all the difference. The other day, I was in the Detroit airport, returning home from a speaking engagement. […]

Be the Good—Even In an Airplane

When was the last time you traveled in an airplane? I was recently at a comedy show where the comedian said something really interesting. Anytime we see a child that needs help, a child that’s injured, or a crying child, we feel the need to help. We feel sorry for the child and feel compelled […]

Motherhood Isn’t Just About Mothers

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate motherhood and the incredible women who have come before us. But it’s not just mothers we celebrate, it’s all women everywhere. Women who have made a difference in the life of another because of their kindness, their wisdom, their encouragement, and their love. defines motherhood […]