simone knego

Cracking the Code to Greater Happiness

Recently, Olivia and I did a podcast on happiness. We discovered that when you look at statistics on happiness, they are very interesting. Obviously, most things are subjective. I mean, how do you really compare happiness? But still, there are several studies that show there is a science to happiness. We have the ability to […]

Happiness is a Choice You Make Every Single Day

In the Jewish religion, the month of Adar is considered the month of happiness. Adar is the sixth month of the Jewish calendar, and it usually falls in late winter or early spring. According to Jewish tradition, Adar is known as the month of happiness because it was the month the Jewish people were saved […]

6 Reasons to Love the Life You’re Already Living

Have you ever struggled to love the life you’re living? With social media and selfies giving us a peek into the lives of others, sometimes it’s hard to love your life when someone else’s looks so much better. But real life is beyond the perfect pictures and posed selfies. I can promise you that no […]