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The One Vital Practice That Will Change Your Life

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If so, read on. Life is anything but easy. As we move through life, each new day presents us with a whole new set of challenges. Maybe we struggle with getting our children (or ourselves) out of bed. Some may struggle with work challenges. Others […]

Cracking the Code to Greater Happiness

Recently, Olivia and I did a podcast on happiness. We discovered that when you look at statistics on happiness, they are very interesting. Obviously, most things are subjective. I mean, how do you really compare happiness? But still, there are several studies that show there is a science to happiness. We have the ability to […]

Experience The Healing Power of Gratitude

I’ve always loved this time of year when we focus a little more on gratitude and a little less on things that aren’t as important. To me, gratitude isn’t just for November, it should be something we are doing all year long. Each night I review what I’m grateful for, and this has made such […]