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The Importance of Both Giving and Accepting a Compliment

Why is it so hard for us to say thank you when someone gives us a compliment? This is something that I have struggled with for years. Your response is a reflection of you. Being able to say thank you for a compliment is part of our ability to see our own self-worth. It is […]

How to Overcome Negativity in Your Life

Did you know that our brains naturally focus on the negativity around us? It’s called the negativity bias, and it can be a real problem for our mental health. Negativity bias is automatic. Studies have shown that our brains react much more heavily to negative stimuli. This means that you could be having a really […]

6 Reasons to Love the Life You’re Already Living

Have you ever struggled to love the life you’re living? With social media and selfies giving us a peek into the lives of others, sometimes it’s hard to love your life when someone else’s looks so much better. But real life is beyond the perfect pictures and posed selfies. I can promise you that no […]

Gratitude Isn’t Just For Thanksgiving—It’s a Mindset

Gratitude is what Thanksgiving is known for—gratitude for family, for friends, for good food, and for holiday celebrations. This year, 2021, marks 600 years since the first Thanksgiving in 1621. But our world is much different from the world where Thanksgiving first began. Gratitude is more important than ever. For me, gratitude is being able […]